Who Are We?

August 13, to August 27, 2020 – Lloyd Gallery Solo Show

Artist Statement

When I look at the pieces I have collected for this show; it strikes me as a bestiary of human folly.
My intention is not to portray pessimism as an aesthetic. The narratives we all live by are human narratives, imperfect and ultimately quite mad. These stories are what we use to create life.
While we assume we have a purpose and make decisions with the council of Gods or the logic of science, that we have a special insight due to our particular nobility, we are flawed. Our functional narratives come from agreements, habits, misunderstandings and fears as well as rational insight. I am not saying we are all confused madmen; I am saying we are human to a fault.
These images are not icons of agreed upon. They are narratives that find their strength in uncertainty.

β€œIt is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.”

Eugene Lonesco

New Paintings

New Drawings