Michael Hermesh

You can order these New Bronzes and Paintings by Michael Hermesh Artist/Sculptor through anyone of these Galleries; The White Rock Gallery in White Rock BC, The Lloyd Gallery in Penticton BC, The Avenue Gallery in Oak Bay Vancouver Island, and The Petley-Jones Gallery in Vancouver BC.

New at the Avenue Gallery

New at the
White Rock Gallery

The Fortune Teller

Bronze Edition of 15
Available at the Avenue Gallery

My first thought is that it is simply a portrait of introspection.

My second more convoluted thought is that this is a kind of existential piece in that the person reading his or her own fortune is engaged in an act of metaphysical madness. She is the diviner and the divined, the player and the playing field, the meaning and the generator of meaning.

In order to be meaningful, meaning must be bestowed externally. This may be a folly of the human condition but I truly believe the universe has meaning – for it not to would be insufferably ugly. Scientist’s get a feel for the likelihood of a conjecture being through how beautiful a theory is, I cannot imagine an existence that is ultimately ugly. Existential angst is just something we do to pester ourselves.

MIchael Hermesh

New at the Lloyd Gallery

New Paintings at
The Petley-Jones Gallery

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