Life Without the Ferryman by Michael Hermesh

Life Without the Ferryman by Michael Hermesh

Life Without the Ferryman by Michael Hermesh is one of Michael’s Boats. There are several different styles of boats that he likes to experiment with. This  work is a brand new 2018 bronze release. It is a sculpture that is about 32 inches tall by 11 inches wide and 6.5 inches deep.

The job of the Ferryman is to get you and your goods, goals and Gods from one shore to the other. The guidance of a Ferryman could be confused with purpose, reason and a safe Captain. In our life ultimately we have no control over the boat, Ferryman or not.

Meaning is something we imbue into the mystery of our existence by the action of being and awareness.

We are responsible for the meaning of our own lives.

Michael Hermesh


“And So It Goes”

Opening January 18, 2018 at the

The Avenue Gallery

 2184 Oak Bay Avenue,
 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada V8R 1G3
 Phone: 250.598.2184

This is a solo show

 This show features some New Sculpture and Paintings by Michael Hermesh

My art concerns itself with the point of interaction between spirit and the real world. That interaction I would call the definition of narrative. The intersection of awareness information and intent.

The dramas we act out, the battles we fight, and the esthetics we see are almost purely symbolic since the present reality is always the cumulative dramatics of a world that is much deeper and fraught with history than we could ever take into consideration.

My contention is that all art is narrative, and all narrative is myth – in the non-cynical sense.

Michael Hermesh

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